Group Facilitation and Training

Page being developed, September 16, 2019

Nancy Blair has been an educator throughout her career. She excels in the development and presentation of workshops, training programs and also group counselling. She provides sessions on a range of topics, including diversity and inclusion, career counselling and development, coping and thriving with anxiety, and how to embrace and benefit from times of change.

Her experience includes weekly group counselling sessions on thriving with anxiety with persons with disabilities at TEAM Work Cooperative, Nova Scotia Works. These group counselling sessions were successful in helping clients in pre-employment, job search, and employment situations to manage their anxiety so they could achieve their goals. She has developed an eight-session group program called “Thriving with Anxiety” that benefits individuals at any stage of the employment process. She has also developed the Blair Workplace Anxiety Training (W.A.T.) Program for individual work.

“Stages of changes in career development” was the topic of her presentation, co-faciliated with Jill McEwan, at the 2016 Nova Scotia Career Development Conference (NSCDA). This session was based on Prochaska,  Norcross, and DiClemente’s 1994 book, “Changing for Good: A Revolutionary Six-Stage Program of Overcoming Bad Habits and Moving Your Life Positively Forward.”

Nancy Blair has developed and facilitated training on many topics.  She maintains consistently high professional standards. This requires working with clear goals for each session, excellence in presentation, and evaluation during and after the presentation.

Most recent workshops/trainings; 1)”Living Life: Accepting Anxiety“,  2) “Learning to be a Change Master” with Jill McEwan, 3) “The Emerging Distinctiveness of Career Counselling” with Clarence deSchiffart and Marcus Jamieson at the 2017 NSCDA Conference

For a list of presentations, please refer to Nancy Blair on LinkedIn