Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselling

If you have come to my website seeking support with your grief for a beloved pet, you are in the right place. Many individuals find that they greatly benefit from support at this time. Some choose individual counselling by a trained Pet Loss and Bereavement Counsellor. I am a certified Pet Loss and Bereavement Counsellor, trained through the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB) http://APLB  For one year, I was an Assistant Host on the regular Tuesday night on-line chat. I am now doing individual counselling.

Many people find that they need only a few sessions; sometimes one session is enough. The first (perhaps only) session will last at least one hour, often more. I want to make sure that we have time to do the necessary work. I provide you with a copy of “The Loss of a Pet: A Guide to Coping With the Grieving Process When a Pet Dies” 4th Edition by Wallace Sife. As support to your work with me, I recommend that you look at the APLB website. You may want to take part in on-line chat you will be greeted by trained and compassionate volunteer hosts.

Below is a recent article on SALTWIRE Press for you to read.