Grief Counselling

Grief is part of life. People often feel grief in the face of loss. This loss can be a death, loss of employment, illness, retirement, divorce, or another life event. We all know that grief can be very difficult. And yet I find many people are surprised, even shocked, at how grief evokes such intense, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful feelings. These feelings are only part of what you may experience. Some people experience grief in very physical ways. Some people talk of the pain of a ‘broken heart’; others of how they feel that the world is shifting around them. It is not uncommon for someone to find that simple tasks take what seems to be ‘too much’ energy. I have heard individuals say that they feel that they are walking through sand or wading through water. You may find, that for a time, you have no joy in what usually makes you happy.

The following are signs that counselling may be very beneficial for you. You may be concerned about your mental health. For example, you may find that you are feeling an unusual amount of anger, anxiety, depression, and/or sadness. You might find yourself acting in ways that you don’t typically, such as being unable to concentrate or focus, or getting angry at people. Perhaps you are dealing with unresolved issues or regrets. Together, we will help you to work through your grief in a healthy and healing way.

Remember that grief is a part of life; not a part that people enjoy, but a part that you need to go enter into and work through, By working together, we can explore how you can move through this emotional time. Whatever the reason for the loss you have experienced, we can work through the effects of this loss.