Nancy Blair Counselling Works for You

Work plays a huge part in most people’s lives.  In the course of a lifetime, you may need to deal with any of a vast array of work-related issues. These may include all or some of the following:  dealing with conflict in the workplace, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, work retention, deciding to look for alternate employment, grieving around job loss, being under-employed, retiring or recognizing that retirement is not financially possible,  becoming an entrepreneur. 

Decision making around work can be difficult and stressful a times. Work may play a big part in your life and the life of your family. Counselling will help you to be confident that you are making the decisions that are most “right” for you. Counselling is also an opportunity to focus on how to maintain your mental and physical health and work-life balance. Nancy Blair also helps you to develop new strategies to deal with the anxiety and stress of change.

Nancy Blair Counselling provides you with the invaluable opportunities to thoroughly review your work situation. This helps you to ensure that any decisions you make are wise ones.