What is Climate Psychotherapy?

Climate Psychotherapy is a relatively new and rapidly developing field. I am a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance, United Kingdom https://www.climatepsychologyalliance.org and North America https://www.climatepsychology.us

Key points

The Climate Crisis is real. We may label what is happening climate change, climate emergency or climate crisis, whatever we call it, it is real. Climate Psychotherapy deals with Climate Change and Climate Emergencies.

Feelings such as eco-anxiety, eco-depression, etc. are rational healthy responses to what is happening in the world.

Although these feelings are rational healthy responses, they can be very intense and working with a climate-informed mental health practitioner can be of great benefit.

An individual may experience intense emotions around climate change. individuals may feel one of more of the following: fear, terror, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, sadness, guilt, anger, and/or uncertainty. They may also experience determination, hope, a sense of purpose, clarification of agency, which means they know what they are doing makes a difference.

I work with individuals to help them develop techniques and approaches so that they can balance their emotions and determine what they need to do to live well in our world.