Read and Learn – and Webinars and Podcasts

This is a list of current books, articles, webinars and Podcasts in the field of Climate Psychotherapy. The field is changing quickly and I will be changing the list and topics regularly.

Britt Wray does a great interview, not just on eco-anxiety but much much more. (posted here August 14, 2020)

Motherhood and the Climate Change (posted here on June 27th, 2022)

PODCAST: Sophia Cheng and Emma Palmer on Motherhood and the Climate Crisis

Sophia Cheng and Emma Palmer in conversation with Judith Anderson (Climate Psychology Alliance – UK). Sophia is developing a collaborative creative project involving personal stories from self-identifying women wrestling with these two topics at the same time. She and her colleagues want to challenge the taboo and put this conversation on the map, NOT to position one woman against another but explore all the nuances around how the climate crisis is shaping how (and if) we mother. Emma’s book Other Than Mother – Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind (Earth Books 2016) was groundbreaking in exploring the terrain of this decision-making process, including the cultural changes brought about by the rise in voluntary childlessness. ecological and environmental considerations and living with the decision.