I use a collaborative client-centered approach. This means that we will work together to determine the goals of our sessions. I am experienced in a range of proven evidence-based approaches. Again, working together we will decide what therapeutic approaches are best for you. This depends on the issues you want to work on and also who you are as a person. For example, are you interested in a very solution-focused approach and choose analytical goal setting or decision-making? Perhaps you feel more comfortable with an intuitive approach? Are you interested in using active imagination or hypnotherapy?

While engaged in counselling, I often see people change their focus from one issue to another. A conversation that starts looking at employment may transition to talking about relationships – past and present. The specializations I have listed are ones that I have worked with extensively. They are not the only areas I have counselled individuals on. Often a person wants to explore, understand and change their personal life patterns.  These are conditioned traumatized response patterns. We might look at how these patterns developed and how to change them. Yes,  you can examine these patterns and make changes in how you live. However, it takes commitment and work to implement change.

I work with you to clarify your goals for each individual session and your overall time with me.  I want to ensure that the time we spend together meets your needs and that your work with me helps you move forward. At times, counselling/psychotherapy might feel very challenging. Moving through your challenges will help you to understand yourself more fully and deal with your issues.